Quick Start

1. Download the latest Impervious Node Release

2. Get yourself a pair of Voltage LND nodes, fire it up on your own LND node, or Polar!

Option 1: Sign up here for node info:
If entrants receive an Invalid Code error on Voltage Cloud, just try again tomorrow (Aug 5th). Entrants can still provision nodes like it says on the page and will NOT be billed for it. So users can still provision on demand nodes without the code and get them for free. Just enter the code before the end of the month and you're good to go.
You may proceed with option 2 or 3 below for provisioning nodes.
Follow the website for basic starting a node. Make sure you choose a Node Type of Standard, pay per hour and also Testnet.
We've provided each Hackathon participant two LND nodes to ensure you have two Impervious Nodes to chat to each other!
If for some reason you missed out, or lost an email in the space-time-continuum, just email us, or DM us on the Discord (Ridgeback, Chase, bullz3ye, impant) and we'll send you a code.
Option 2: Run up your own pair of LND nodes on Testnet. Fire it up following these instructions.
Make sure your LND and BTC nodes are configured for testnet.
lnd.conf: bitcoin.testnet=true
bitcoind -testnet
Option 3: Or for a local development environment try using Polar.

3. Open a LND channel to the testnet faucet, on both nodes.

4. Download your macaroon, and TLS cert, then grab your LND node's URL, either in the CONNECT menu on Voltage, from your local LND .lnd/ path or from Polar's node info.

5. In your Impervious Node config file, stuff the paths to the macaroon and TLS cert. Also pop in your pubkey and URL.

If you happen to be running TWO Impervious nodes on the same machine, you will need to adjust the GRPC/HTTP listening ports to something else on one of the nodes, or bad things will happen. For a quick hint, how about trying 9991 and 9992 on one of the nodes!

6. Join our Discord!

7. Send a simple message from one node to another.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"msg": "hello",
"pubkey": "0asdfe7894asdf0eb1651ffasdf7404e9asdfasdf"

8. Read the rest of our API docs!

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